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The world around us is getting very toxic. People SHOW a lot of negative feelings to each other wile they carry a lot of arrogance on their shoulders. People close their hearts, they don’t hear and they don’t feel others, especially the ones who are different. Fears, warnings, offences, malevolence are striving for dominance seem to pierce you through. As a result the joy of life is surpressed, everything is surpressed in a living person.
But it should not be so. I used to believe and I do believe now that when I do something wrong and if my life does not satisfy me I am not happy. But why?
And again I ask and THEN learn from my body. I ask myself and rely on my life experience. For example…
As you know, I give Healing massage seminars. And very often many professional massage therapists and psychologists come to my seminars, sometimes it’s a group of people of “caring professionals” who always ask me a question – “How do you defend yourself from negative information that you get from your patients? You teach us to have a very deep emotional contact with a patient. Is there any risk of getting negative emotions or getting patient’s disease at some level?” I dont recall any seminar where this question would not arise.
My answer – is no! We don’t get tired of people. We get tired of our bad behavior. And you can’t inherit a disease from others, but you can easily imagine it.
There was an experience in my practice, which I consider is a very helpful one, becasue after that experience I stopped getting tired of people and seminars.
Once I was invited to teach my healing seminars to the same wonderful city by three different event managers. They worked with absolutely different audiences; they got on well with each other and they were able to manage how to share my time. I was fine with it. And as a result I had seminars at the weekend, weekday’s evenings, weekday’s daytime and again weekends… People were very greatful, they wanted to communicate more and more… They wanted to be closer to me and they wanted to say “thank you”, to do something for me. Meanwhile, I was escaping to my friend’s apartment (a master of yoga). I was taking a bath with salt and “releasing all excessive energy”. It seemed to me that people were ripping me up and I urgently needed to rehabilitate myself. I was tired, I tried to stay alone whenever it was possible, but it was not enough and It was difficult to breath, until… Until I saw something, with the help of practice, of course. It was something unpleasant, but very important. It was my arrogance.
Suddenly, one very simple thought came to my mind. Why do I think that I am better than other people? Why do I think that I purify or recharge them? And it doesn’t matter if they tried to convince me of that. It was our common misbelief. Why do I think that my “energy” and feelings to them are pure and healthy, and their feelings are ill? In fact their gratitude and love – are their sincere intention to look inside themselves. Even their difficulties, pain, fear, problems… Who doesn’t have it? But these are feelings of a living person, who is looking for harmony, who knows it and feels it… And this is absurd to think that I’m better than other people. We are all equals. We are practicing and searching for things together. All of us are adults, we are not children. We are all following a life journey.
And then a wonderful thing happened. As soon as I excluded an idea of dominance, my fatigue (physically felt before) vanished as if by magic. A Miracle! There was no fatigue, sickness and headache any more, as well as irritation and an apathy. I felt instant energy, freshness and joy again. And these feelings have stayed with me since then. Seminars continue to go on and there are even more participants come now than before. A lot of people came to see me at the airport to say “goodbye”… And I had left that city with a feeling that I had visited a city of my childhood, a place where I have had love and felt like at home, where I had friends, and where there were no place for fear, worries and problems. I felt happy. And I knew it was possible.
This is the price we pay for arrogance, feeling of dominance and judgment of people around us. We are out of touch with reality, we are loosing our opportunities, time, health… We are loosing our life. This is the price.
My body showed me clearly that all this judgement, “better” or “worse”, “someone's illnesses”, etc. – are dangerous and destructive misbelieves. And how do you defend against it – you just stop inventing different absurd ideas, you stop thinking that you are better than others. Just open your heart.
There is a lot of “energy” around US. Sun. Earth. People. Nature. There is a lot of joy around us. Don’t be scared. Look at your reality. Be yourself. And that is all.
Believe it or not, it helps me to get rid of MY worries with regard to the latest world situation.
There are no “better” or "worse” people in the world. There is life. There are people and their pain. There is also fear. And I also have fears and regrets. I also have my own obstacles and losses. And I will always have them. But there is me, the same as yesterday, the same as tomorrow. And at the same time I’m different, new, with a new experience.
“Experience is not what will happen to us, experience is what we will do with it”. Present day opens up to me with a lot of opportunities for creativity, a lot of interesting things. I should not be scared, I should do things.
I’m sure that today and tomorrow, and everyday I will have a lot of opportunities to learn from, to enjoy my life, and to feel and to get experience. I don’t need to numb my feelings. I don’t need to be afraid of the future. I don’t need to be ill. I can be in touch with myself and people around me. They also have troubles and losses. They also want to love and be loved. They want to live too. We are all eqals. Nobody is weak. Nobody is better or stronger. There are just people and life. There is just one new day.

thanks for the help - екатерина кадомина, глория пичнадзе и людмила толстоногова

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