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My body is my Master. This idea has become one of the mainstays in my life. It is important for me and I'd like to tell about that.
There are few constant things in my life. I travel a lot, I meet different cultures, religions and mentalities.
And I see that none of them are either better or worse. It’s people everywhere, with their own experiencies and truth.
But when I open myself to them I often almost lose my true self. I’ve met several spiritual teachers in my life.
Real Masters. Two of them are dead now. The others are alive and I can go to them to tune my soul's strings.
But I can't live there. It's like living with your parents endlessly and do what you are told to.
In that way I’ll lose myself too. I must be an adult and live my own life so I would be able to come to enlightened
masters as to my older friends.
But my mind isn't always clear. I am a human being with my desires, my childhood traumas, pain and hope...
Just like everyone... Sometimes I face situations which exceed my life experience and scare me. It happens.
What shall I do then? Go to Master or begin a next pilgrimage?
Yes, it could be a possible solution.
But, what is more, I have my body. It is greater than my experience. It is responsive to all my mistakes, delusions
and unhealthy lifestyle. All false theories do not matter to my body. It stands aloof from compromises.
Lying to yourself and others will cause pain in your body. Losing your mindfulness will leave marks in your body.
Each feeling, each motion of soul is in our body. That’s why it is my Master. It knows and feels more than a mind
can explain. There is truth in one’s body. When I understood that I realized that I am free. That I do not wander
in dark and do not depend on someone more experienced for advice any longer. That I am able to find a wise solution
and to choose correct direction in all situations.
All I need is to study a language of my body. It is not that difficult. It is easier than everything that has been before.
You can spend your life near Buddha and learn nothing.
You can spend your life in a beautiful, wise body and never hear it. Never begin to live.
The body is our chance. It’s the best of any chances. Unique. And it’s something that we still have.

text - Olesya Bondareva, translation - Nadezhda Mikhalina , editing - Valentina Andreeva , Margarita Osepyan

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